2019-2020 Boston Founders'  Short List


Boston founders share their most helpful people, firms, and content

At least once per week, we receive a request that starts off as, "Can you recommend someone great for ...?"

Our founder network is our best source for finding great partners, people, and service providers.  However, it only scratches the surface of the Boston startup ecosystem. Through the Boston Founders Shortlist, we set out to crowdsource a guide of Boston's most helpful people, firms, and content from founders themselves.


We'd also like to offer a special thanks to everyone who participated and helped us spread the word.  


Tom, Firas, and Parthib

Companyon Ventures

About Our Project

Thank you sponsors!


First of all, we'd like to thank First Republic Bank and Leyton who sponsored this project and made it possible. Please support them by checking out their startup services. 



Motivating busy founders to drop everything and fill out a survey is really hard; especially when you're a new and relatively unknown fund. We invited hundreds of Boston startups to participate.


We asked founders to only nominate people, content, or firms that they would highly recommend to their peers. 


We know there are lots of other great resources in Boston who didn't make the list. If you aren't in our guide, please join our mailing list and we'll let you know when we're running our 2021 survey so you can spread the word to your partners and clients.


Our survey answers were in a freeform text format so it took a lot of effort to aggregate, organize and normalize the results. Then we had to find LinkedIn accounts, web pages, or social media accounts for each nominee. If you notice a spelling error or incorrect link in a nominee, please let us know


There are some great people and firms who aren't on this year's short list and the most likely reasons are that their startup clients either didn't catch wind of our survey or were too busy to participate. Hopefully, those founders will participate next year so we can identify more great people firms, and content in the Boston startup ecosystem. 

Find other great people and firms who were nominated in our 2018 Boston Founders' Short List.


2019-2020 Boston Founders' Short List