• Tom Lazay

Welcoming Damon Pender | The Two Hires That Startups Wait Too Long To Make

There's a reason why we put the box over Damon's face. He's the man behind the scenes making everyone else more efficient.

We're excited to welcome Damon Pender to the Companyon Ventures Platform Team. Damon has been in a startup CFO role at 5 startups including VoiceSignal and Shaser Bioscience with Tom Lazay, co-founder of Companyon Ventures.

Damon provides fractional CFO services as part of the Companyon Platform Team. His job is to help high-performance founders and CEOs shed administrative burdens that distract them from what's most important to startup success: customers, product, and team building. We can say from experience in 2 startups with Damon that he's a CEO force-multiplier.

After leaving the world of public accounting in 1997, he joined Tom Lazay at VoiceSignal in 1999, he has been in a startup CFO role for 5 venture-funded startups and through 4 acquisitions totaling more than $800M. Most recently, Damon was Co-Founder & CFO for Semantic Machines, funded by General Catalyst, Bain Capital Ventures, and Sound Ventures, and was acquired by Microsoft in 2018.

Rob Go, Nextview Ventures: Two Hires That Early Stage Companies Usually Wait Too Long To Make

Rob Go from Nextview Ventures recently published an article that resonated with us and our platform approach. He thinks the two hires that companies wait too long to make are a full-time designer and a business generalist that is focused on analytics, finance, and ops with a strong skillset in analytics.

It's this second role that we have a lot of experience with on a fractional basis. We combine Damon's startup finance and ops skills and Parthib's analytics and modeling skills to create an operational dream-team that can fill this role on a fractional basis until companies mature to the point where they need, and can afford a full-time role. When founders are spending a disproportionate amount of time on finance, HR, and ops, and don't have the bandwidth or skillset to mine a wealth of insights from customer, sales, and marketing data, then it's time to bring someone in who can turbo-charge those efforts.

If you're interested in learning more about how Damon and Parthib are helping companies with finance, ops, and analytics, email Parthib at parthib@companyon.co.