Our platform team adds value by supporting our companies in several fundamental ways.

Increase bandwidth and free up resources.

We also want our founders to shed all distractions and administrative burdens so they can focus their efforts on their two most important priorities, customers and product. Our back-office team can help founders shed distractions by taking on lightweight CFO and bookkeeping tasks, SaaS tools implementation, investor reporting/financial modeling, recruiting, data analytics, and other time-consuming work that can distract teams from focusing on what’s most important.

Make better, data-
driven decisions.


Data modeling is one of our core strengths. We mine and organize data from market, sales, finance, and operations to help companies understand how to plan for the most efficient growth. We also have researchers who can identify new customer leads, perform competitive analysis, and do market research and primary voice-of-customer interviews.


We’ll collect, normalize, and analyze data, and then deliver recommendations and a plan—while you focus on running your company.

Reduce costs and
extend runway.


From renegotiating your SaaS and hosting fees (if you’re paying click-through pricing, you’re definitely overpaying) to providing lightweight, stage-appropriate CFO and back-office functions, we can reduce your burn rate while freeing up your valuable time.

Our portfolio companies have a “pick up the phone” relationship with members of our platform team and have used us as an extension of their own internal teams for important initiatives in fundraising, product planning, sales, and business development.

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