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Product-market-fit is great, but a whole different set of tools are needed to scale your go-to-market execution. Companyon gives you the support you need, when you need it, so you’ll be ready to make your next big move.


We believe execution is your strongest competitive moat

Startups spend years looking for product-market fit. When it clicks, and it's time to scale, a whole new set of challenges emerge requiring a different set of skills and tools.

This transition is the most vulnerable stage in a startup's expansion stage and it's where many companies stall.

We help you lay the operational foundations of capital-efficient growth with the playbooks and tools ​used by top-performing startups. 

We don't just give advice, we jump in to help you implement and execute.


1. Solution / Product

You have a disruptive product critical to your customers with a sustainable market advantage.

2. Sector Business Model

You're a B2B software startup and you're not a B2C, Healthcare IT, Biotech, or Hardware company.

3. Post-Seed Traction

You have $1M to $3M in ARR, and customers that have renewed their annual contracts.

4. Location

You're based in North America or have a majority of revenue from U.S. customers.

5. Capital Raise

You're raising $1M - $5M in a priced equity round (we don't invest in SAFEs or convertible notes).

6. Investment Goals

12-24 months of cash runway to prove out your scaling capability and show steep ARR growth.

$750K - $1.5M

Initial checks

$1M - $5M

Total Round Size

Board Seat

What's the deal with

our hands-on investing?

After 20-years of startup experience, we've lived and watched many big successes and spectacular failures. Through that experience, we've developed pattern recognition for what it takes to scale a software startup.


We've also learned that founders don't have the team or bandwidth to put our advice to work. You don't need more advice, you need the right resources.

That's why we assembled a team of B2B GTM specialists matched to your stage and budget who can work alongside you. We bring you the talent to drive growth from the top of your funnel to your bottom line.

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Why we do it. 

Firas Raouf Testimonial

Getting an investment from an operationally experienced and engaged VC was a game-changer for my startups so I decided to become that VC at Insight, Openview, and now Companyon.

Firas Raouf

Co-Founder & General Partner